Every business case has its own unique criterion. Therefore, we study each business case and perform a full risk-assessment by taking into account market fluctuations and potential challenges they may present to our investors and stakeholders ahead of time. This strategy has proven time and time again to be invaluable to the life cycle of every business case down the road and ultimately to the success of all partners and stakeholders involved.


Mr. Ahmed Al Sabouni and Mr. Omar Faruk Apaydin joined hands in the year 2013 and founded Risestanbul Investment Group. Risestanbul Investment Group specialize in REAL ESTATE and COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT in Turkey and the group mission is to find investment opportunities and provide detailed studies on them. Risestanbul Investment Group’s head office is based in Beylikdüzü. Beylikdüzü area is thriving in real estate sector which contains a lot of investment and real estate opportunities, it is considered as the new Istanbul, and it provides all governmental, commercial, educational and entertainment services. The activity of Risestanbul Investment Group extends to cover the entire city of Istanbul and all the major cities in Turkey, especially the cities of a commercial and tourist nature, through a wide network of strong ties with economic figures and companies inside and outside of Turkey. The partners have extensive experience in the field of investment and real estate marketing, and the company also has marketing contracts with the largest real estate investment and development companies in Turkey. Risestanbul Investment Group works with international investors in more than twenty countries and has served many of them around the world.


A brief summary of our departments:

Investments Department: This section is concerned with providing economic studies, investment opportunities and feasibility studies for large and small projects by team of specialists

Foreign Trade Department: Through this section, the company provides all the services necessary to secure customer requests from outside of Turkey.

Real estate section: The employees of this section provide the necessary services for those wishing to invest in real estate, to meet their requests in the best way, relying on their experience in this field.

Lawyers Section: Our team of licensed and trained lawyers follow the legal affairs of the company and its clients.

Engineering Department: It includes engineers who provide the necessary studies in the field of engineering and urban planning.

Customer Service Department: Risestanbul Investment Group team belongs to several different nationalities who are multilingual (Turkish – Arabic – English – Persian – Kurdish – Urdu – Italian) to assist our ever-growing customer portfolio. Risestanbul Investment Group also provides educational services (helping students to register in universities and get a discount on tuition fees – provide educational advice for those wishing to open schools and obtain the necessary licenses, etc.) Risestanbul Investment Group also provides tourist services including (hotel reservations – transportation – making a tourist schedule with a specialized tour guide). Risestanbul Investment Group also aids in banking transactions (opening a bank account – banking transactions) Risestanbul Investment Group believe in the importance of building trust with customers by providing the best evaluation to the investor, with an indication of the economic feasibility of their project after studying the general market situation and economic and political fluctuations, with the aim of reducing risks. Therefore, Risestanbul Investment Group is keen to raise the level of the company and the profitability of its investors by providing the best offers in proportion. With the customer’s request, it also pays attention to development and pushes the wheel of work to rise to the best level of services and consulting.