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Ref: RS 9042


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Foldhome is a brand new approach to meet people’s expectations from their homes and to create new functional spaces, allowing home owners to choose what they want from many available possibilities and add specialized areas to their living spaces.

  • For personal use.
  • Like a room in your house.
  • No subscription fee required.
  • Based on the pay-per-use system.
  • Payments on a per-unit basis.
  • Maintenance & repair costs covered from a depreciation budget
  • A Nef discovery, Foldhome is being utilized for the first time in Turkey and the world by Nef.
  • Nef has patented Foldhome in Turkey, and applied to the Swiss World Intellectual Property Organization for an international patent, which is pending.
  • The main purpose of Foldhome is to include in your home all of the rooms that won’t fit, by folding them.
  • Thus, you can add and remove rooms to your home at any time.
  • Foldhome consists of areas for private use, and one of its key features is the “pay-per-use” system. You are charged any fee for areas you do not use, and nothing is added to your apartment’s maintenance fee.
  • Can be accessed using personal access cards granted to residents, Foldhome rooms can be used on a pay-per-use basis, allowing residents to use them as part of their personal area.
  • Foldhome units are designed on a per-project basis upon analyses of the target audience’s needs and expectations.
  • Foldhome is an architectural approach
  • Code : RS 9042
  • Property age : 0
  • Contact us : +905512004138
  • Compound in/out : Independent building
  • City : Istanbul
  • District: Güngören/ Bahçelievler

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